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Vigor.Rugby’s North East Boot Bank Scheme.


Those of us who have been involved in the game know that rugby is a sport that is available for any person to play and enjoy. Rugby clubs actively promote the game and most are structured to meet the needs of all ages and gender of player. However, one overriding factor that can have a real effect on both current and potential club members is cost, particularly the cost of equipment. It’s an unavoidable fact that as children age they outgrow their rugby boots and replacement becomes a recurring expense. More often than not these boots are still perfectly serviceable but end up being discarded. In some cases not being able to afford to replace the boots can mean the difference between someone continuing or stopping playing rugby. This is an area that can be addressed and with your help as well as that of other clubs I’m sure that we can make real progress.


In an effort to maximise access to rugby I am proposing to set up the Vigor.Rugby’s North East Boot Bank Scheme. This will be a not–for-profit initiative who’s primary aim is to provide access to rugby boots at nil cost to children and young adults, regardless of gender or financial circumstance, to encourage them to continue to participate in the game.


If your a Rugby Club -


Vigor.Rugby’s North East Boot Bank Scheme is asking rugby clubs in the area to collect and donate used rugby boots that can then be refurbished and boxed ready for use. Donated boots will be then offered to local rugby clubs and schools on request and free of charge to distribute to children and young adults that might need them.


At the North East Boot Bank, we are asking clubs to donate rugby boots to us, and then we will clean the boots, re-stud them and box them. Clubs, coaches and teachers can then apply (with complete confidentiality) for boots if there is a child or adult that is in need of a pair. Once the application form has been accepted, we will source and distribute the boots to local clubs/schools at zero cost. For clubs/schools outside of the local area there will be a minimal charge to cover postage

If your a Business - 


What can your company do?

It would be greatly appreciated if your organisation could contribute in some way, however small, to help make this initiative a success. This might include:

• A financial donation.

• Empty/unused rugby/football boot boxes.

• Rugby studs.

• Old stock of boots that you cannot sell.


What the Scheme will do for your company?

Your company logo will be included on Scheme letterheads, application forms and the Scheme web page

If you would like to join in the scheme or apply for some boots please email me us at: VIGOR.RUGBY@GMAIL.COM  for an application form


A coaching company that is offers rugby coaching in schools and youth clubs. The aim of Vigor.Rugby is to help address the chronic issue of children’s fitness and the progression of the child’s education through rugby.

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