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Marc Watchman-Atkinson

Hi Marc here owner and Head Coach of Vigor.Rugby. I've spent my who life around sport but for the last 23 years Rugby has been my passion and priority. As a player I always strived to be the best but realistically the more I played the more I knew that my real passion was for teaching the game. The whole coach-pupil relationship and the satisfaction of watching someone improve their game was and still is far more rewarding for me than playing well myself.

I started my journey into Coaching in 2001 as Second Team Coach at Houghton Rugby, after a successful season I made the decision to setup Vigor.Rugby as a way of sharing my knowledge and passion with others, in the years since I've been fortunate to work with some amazing people who all shared my love of the game and which led to me being awarded the title of RFU Real Rugby Hero in 2018.

I have my RFU Coaching Level 2 badge as well as ELRA Referee Level 1 and currently act as Coach of Houghton Boars, Houghton U16's and Head of Girls Rugby at Houghton Rugby club.

Educational Qualifications

B.A (Hons) Sports and Leisure Management

B.A (Hons) Leadership and Management

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A coaching company that is offers rugby coaching in schools and youth clubs. The aim of Vigor.Rugby is to help address the chronic issue of children’s fitness and the progression of the child’s education through rugby.

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